Several years ago, KDC made a conscious decision to become an industry leader with respect to safety on our projects.  As a result, safety has become one of the defining elements of our company culture.

Safety is of paramount importance on all our projects. This effort is led by our national safety director, but it is the responsibility of all KDC employees. We have worked closely with our general contractor partners to develop and implement job-specific safety plans. These plans hinge on a behavior-based safety program that rewards positive behavior and stresses personal accountability.

The positive results speak for themselves. Our safety program establishes parameters that are tracked and monitored on an on-going basis. All KDC projects have a goal of meeting or exceeding industry incident-rate averages by 50 percent. We have formed strong alliances with our general contractors to create a job-wide sense of safety awareness that is strongly felt by every tradesman on the project.

Do-Good DNA – KDC Makes Safety Part of Its Genetic Code

Frank Butler, KDC Safety Manager


Personal Responsibility
KDC’s safety approach stresses personal responsibility, including responsibility and concern not only for oneself but also coworkers. We continuously communicate these expectations and recognize behaviors that yield positive results. These successful results are celebrated at quarterly jobwide luncheons during which individual and team safety achievements are rewarded.