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Ryan McManigal

Senior Vice President of Development

Ryan McManigal’s job is a constant adventure.

“Development is the pinnacle of commercial real estate,” Ryan says. “In my opinion, it’s the hardest, but most rewarding part of the industry. It’s an adventure—creating places that people go to every day.”

At KDC, Ryan leads the new business development group. Ryan is responsible for strategizing the company’s growth and expansion in major markets across the western and southern United States. He travels a lot, meeting with land owners and brokers who represent corporate users, and seeks out new business opportunities.

“My job is about building relationships,” Ryan says.

Ryan’s connection to KDC began before he joined the company. In his previous position, he managed KBS Realty’s 3.5-million-square-foot portfolio in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. KDC’s headquarters is located in one of the buildings Ryan managed, which put him in regular contact with KDC’s executive leadership. Interestingly, KBS Realty and KDC share the same founding father—Don Koll—which deepened Ryan’s connection to his future employer.

“Working at KDC offers the opportunity to learn from the best development company in the country, and I hope I can grow into a senior leadership position.”

Ryan attended University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business administration. He gravitated toward real estate finance after realizing investment banking didn’t “have enough interesting pieces.”

A Southern California native, Ryan grew up in the small coastal town of Santa Barbara (which just happens to be the location of long-running soap opera). He contends that the town is far less glamorous than it appears on TV, but acknowledges that the beaches are pretty great.

Ryan comes from a big family—he’s the third of six brothers. Family is everything to him, and he talks to one of his siblings every day. “I love being from a big family,” he says. “It keeps things interesting, and I have built-in friends.”