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KDC has developed a specialty in working on new generation, high-quality and high-tech broadcast stations for top users. Our ability to finance and fund the projects, along with our construction capabilities and creative work ethic, makes KDC an ideal partner in broadcast station development.

Technology is rapidly changing the world of broadcast, and it is imperative to have a state-of-the-art facility that is not only updated, but also capable of handling future demands in a field that is constantly evolving. The battle for top-quality production, programming and on-air talent can be won with the right facility.

Replacing antiquated facilities with state-of-the-art broadcast centers is great for both the employees and the television product. The results are tangible; you can literally see the difference when broadcasting from the new facilities, and it creates an atmosphere that attracts and retains top talent.

For questions or more information about KDC’s broadcast studio services, contact Bill Guthrey at 214.696.7820 or, or Peter Yates at 214.696.7840 or

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KDC was an excellent partner on our new building project. They were immersed in all aspects of the project from beginning to end, helping us find the right site, develop a building plan, manage the construction and keep everything on time and within budget. With KDC’s guidance, we were able to execute a build-to-suit that fit our vision. KDC was professional and flexible, listening to us and responding to us, so that we could achieve our goals and business objectives. We are really enjoying the benefits and improved workflows of the facility that KDC was able to deliver.

– Tom Ehlmann, President & General Manager, NBC 5

Why choose KDC

We deliver
The highest quality for the best prices.

We finance
Want to own? Want to lease? KDC can step in and provide all required finances.

We are flexible
Enough to work with any set of needs or circumstances.

We are creative
No hurdle is too big; no problem can’t be solved.



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To learn more about KDC broadcast studios, contact Bill Guthrey at (214) 696-7820 or