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Think of a data center like you would a car. The building is the chassis. All of the actual technology inside is the engine. You wouldn’t expect someone who is an expert at building engines to also be your go-to guy for building a chassis.

If you need a data center, you’re already an expert on what will go inside your finished building. You know the necessary cooling and power needed to run your data center efficiently. You know all about the technological processes of your equipment.

What you need is a developer experienced with the complexity of building a data center who is able to mitigate the risks. What you need is a chassis expert. You need KDC.

Check out KDC’s recently announced plans to develop a 130,000 SF powered shell data center in Richardson’s Telecom Corridor.

Technologically Advanced – KDC Helps Digital Realty Trust Jump-Start Speculative Data Center Program


KDC has been an important partner in the growth of our ground up datacenter development program. Our world-class facilities are built to the standards that customers have come to expect from Digital Realty.

– Jim Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Realty


We understand that you want a building with the necessary cooling and power to run the technology inside. But you also want a building that’s well designed and expandable. KDC can give you that. With our focus on the real estate side of the project — acquisition, entitlements, construction — you are free to focus on the interior technological design and installation.






Why choose KDC

End-to-end service
When you bring on KDC to handle the real estate portion of your project, that’s exactly what we handle. We don’t leave the acquisition process to you. We don’t expect you to handle securing all the permits and approvals to build. No, KDC takes care of all of it, from end to end. We will handle acquiring the property and making sure everything is in place to begin development. Then we handle the construction of the building. All you worry about is the technology inside.

Our experience
Understandably, you want to know that we are more than just talk. You want to know that we can deliver the building we say we can. Just look at our work with Digital Realty, pioneers in the split of the real estate process from the technology process in data center builds.




Featured Data Centers

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