Governmental Facilities

On the surface, governmental projects don’t necessarily look all that different from many others. Governmental agencies share the same concerns private companies have about financing, budget/schedule, and finding a partner with experience.

But in many ways, governmental development projects really are unlike any others. They include design and security requirements not present on other projects. Since taxpayer money is being used to fund the project, budget concerns are rightfully heightened. Additional time constraints and compliance issues must be addressed. At KDC, we understand the unique nature of working with a governmental agency, because we’ve done it many times before.


KDC is one of our most enduring and important partners in development in Richardson. Our partnership has grown out of a mutual respect that has been fostered in the many deals we have worked through together. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a progressive and professional company, and Richardson is definitely the beneficiary of the enhanced ability and foresight KDC brings to the table with its projects.

Laura Maczka, Mayor, Richardson, TX

Why choose KDC

Understated design
Governmental buildings need to be attractive and well designed, but they can’t be over-the-top. We work with architects with extensive governmental experience to ensure the proper mix of understated design and technical superiority.

Secure facility
Governmental projects typically require a higher level of security than a normal office building. But the building still needs to appear approachable since it is a public facility. We use a team of designers and consultants to best balance security needs with approachability.

Respect for taxpayer dollars
KDC insists that designs be both elegant and memorable, but also meet the technical requirements of the client.

Extended life
Buildings last for a long time. The likelihood that a particular government agency will be the only occupant of a building is slim. KDC uses the latest building technology and makes sure the facility will have a useful life beyond the time it is initially occupied by the government.

Sustainable design
Like the government, KDC is committed to sustainable design practices. We are a leader in green development which fits well with the government’s requirements for implementing sustainable design in all its facilities.




Featured Governmental Facilities Projects

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