Greg Trimarchi

Vice President / Development

  • 12 years of experience
  • 5 years at KDC

Greg Trimarchi isn’t shy about asking questions. In fact, he describes his inquisitiveness and curiosity as his best character traits and attributes his tendency to ask questions as one of his secrets to success.

One of my earliest mentors told me to ask questions, and that’s the best advice I’ve ever received. It helps me think like my clients and allows me to be at the same level as them. It helps me build rapport and determine the best solution.

As a development associate with KDC, Greg is a key member of the team responsible for sourcing new development opportunities. He’s also involved in KDC’s Epic project, a mixed-use development in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood that combines office, multi-family, retail, and a boutique hotel.

“I put on my hard hat and walk the site to get hands-on experience of construction and development from the ground up,” Greg says.

In addition to his regular visits to The Epic job site, Greg's project management responsibilities include: participating in owner-contractor-architect meetings, monitoring budgets and schedules, and interfacing with the development teams for the hotel and multi-family projects. Greg is also responsible for marketing The Epic for office and retail leasing.

“There’s so much that appeals to me about commercial real estate, but I really like that it’s tangible—you can see the results of your work,” Greg says, adding that he lives near Deep Ellum and likes the idea that he’ll be “physically impacting” his immediate neighborhood.

Despite Greg’s lifelong familiarity with commercial real estate—his father works in the industry—Greg originally decided to pursue a career in oil and gas. After graduating from the University of Rochester in New York with a degree in economics, he spent eight years working for Dresser-Rand in a variety of positions ranging from supply chain and logistics to mergers and acquisitions.

“There are some parallels between the oil and gas industry and commercial real estate,” Greg notes. “Relationships play a big role in both industries, and so does project management.”

When not at work, Greg likes to be outside, adding that he loves to camp and is trying to find some good spots in and around North Texas. He also loves to work out and enjoys strength training.

Sports and film also rank high on Greg’s favorites. Baseball is his game, and visiting all the major league ballparks in the U.S. is on his bucket list. He’s a Yankees fan and has fond memories of visiting the old Yankee Stadium.

Notable Projects