CREdible Talk | Episode 2: Bring 'em Back!

10/25/22 | Credible Talk

Welcome back to CREdible Talk!

In this second episode, hosts Eric Hage and Aarica Mims talk with Steve Van Amburgh and Toby Grove about starting their careers at KDC and working together for more than 30 years to make KDC successful through an unwavering client focus.

Eric and Aarica also discuss at the recent JLL Future of Work survey and new office trends, including sustainability and top-tier amenities, has become more important to employees and no longer involves simply “checking a box.” They also talk about getting employees back into the office and how executives need to look at the intent of the workplace for the collective group. The duo also discusses future office development as companies work to attract and retain the best talent. The two wrap up their conversation by sharing how they create work-life balance by finding numerous ways to decompress.

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