KDC Covers Corporate America with Two New Denver Projects in the Works


As one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Denver serves as a hub for business, sustainability and technology. Colorado was ranked by USA Today as the No. 1 state for the best economy and Forbes named Denver as the best place for businesses and careers. With accolades like that, KDC leadership recognized the economic opportunities in Denver and moved full steam ahead on its next two transit-oriented development sites: Peña Station NEXT and Santa Fe Yards at Broadway Station.

The first project under development, Peña Station NEXT, offers 3 million square feet of office, corporate campus, hospitality and retail space with smart technology fully integrated and connected into Peña Station NEXT’s infrastructure and fabric. Peña Station NEXT is home to Panasonic CityNow and directly next to Peña Station North. It will include cutting-edge restaurants, retail and entertainment opportunities, along with multifamily housing, hotel lodging, parks, health and wellness centers and office space. It is also ideally situated at the first transit stop from the Denver International Airport.

Santa Fe Yards at Broadway Station is the second project under KDC development in Denver. These four buildings, totaling 1 million square feet, include conference areas, a fitness center, a café, and patio balconies with park and mountain views. Located adjacent to the newly announced mixed-use Gates District development near the Denver Metro Line Broadway Station, the site offers users walkable access to mixed-use amenities including restaurants, retail, entertainment and multifamily living options.

Peña Station NEXT and Santa Fe Yards total more than 4 million square feet in development. Both developments offer a variety of opportunities for multifamily housing, commercial office, retail, health and wellness, as well as hospitality. Together, they create over 1,105 residential and multifamily units and 2 million square feet of office space.

These projects illustrate KDC’s goal of creating community-centric developments that use advanced technology, innovation and clean energy to offer beneficial developments to the community. Please visit broadwaystation.com or penastationnext.com for more information on these developments.

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