Kim Schmeltz

Assistant Controller

  • 41 years of experience
  • 9 years at KDC

Driven by her passion for the game of tennis and her competitive spirit, Kim Schmelz faces opponents on the court at least three days a week, usually more. Off the court, she directs that passion and competitive spirit into her job as a Senior Accountant at KDC.

“I love to play tennis, but accounting is just as exciting, in its own way,” Kim says.

Kim made the move to KDC in 2015 after working in various industries, including several years with a property management company, more than eight years in the reinsurance industry, and she began her career in finance for the aviation and defense industries. She has more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience.

In her current role at KDC, Kim handles all monthly financial reporting including journal entries and bank financials. She works closely with property managers, overseeing property and project-specific financial reporting. She also supervises interns from Cristo Rey, a prep school for low-income students that KDC supports.

Prior to joining KDC, Kim worked for a large corporation that managed homeowners’ associations (HOAs). Her desire to be part of a smaller company led her to KDC.

“With a smaller company, if other departments need help, everyone pitches in,” Kim says. “I have an opportunity to work closely with a lot of different people and get to know them.”

Kim lived in Arizona and Michigan before her family moved to Dallas when she was in high school. As an adult, she lived in Phoenix and San Antonio before returning to Dallas in the early 1990s.

She considers her three adult children to be her biggest life accomplishment. “My sons and daughter are doing well, both personally and professionally,” she says, adding that they’ve also given her three grandchildren to spoil.

When Kim isn’t working or slamming balls on the court, she enjoys reading mysteries and biographies, gardening, and volunteering at her church.

Notable Projects