Phil Sharp

Senior Vice President / Design & Construction

  • 38 years of experience
  • 18 years at KDC

Phillip “Phil” Sharp spent five years in the U.S. Army, and not a day goes by that he doesn’t use the skills he learned while serving in the special operations command. Those skills are helpful with his current job as a senior vice president of design and construction in KDC’s Dallas office.

“The Army gave me the kind of training that you just cannot get anywhere else, particularly leadership training—the idea of leading by example,” Phil says. “It also taught me to never quit—to never stop short of your goal.”

Phil joined the military after an injury in college ended his dream of playing professional football. When he returned to the U.S., he moved to Oklahoma, intent on being an architect. However, he quickly realized he liked engineering better. In addition to Phil’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, he’s a LEED accredited professional and a registered professional structural engineer.

Team building and morale is critical to me, and I watch it very closely.

In 2006, after seven-year stints with both an engineering firm and a general contractor, Phil joined KDC. He’s worked on some of the firm’s biggest projects including the 1.2-million-square-foot Campus at Legacy redevelopment, the 489,000-square-foot Raytheon facility at CityLine, and multiple phases of Denbury Resources’ new headquarters.

Most recently, Phil completed phase one of JPMorgan Chase’s regional office campus at Legacy West. Currently, he’s focused on the development of a four-story, 205,000-square-foot building for Credit Suisse, as well as the renovation of an existing 205,000-square-foot building in Research Triangle, N.C.

Phil credits his attention to detail, born out of his military background, for his ability to work on KDC’s most demanding projects and to successfully complete them ahead of schedule and on budget. Of all the projects he’s been involved in, he considers Raytheon to be the most complex and interesting, primarily because of the high level of security required for the company’s cybersecurity division.

For Phil, the best part of his job is building a team and figuring out how to make everyone pull in the same direction. “Team building and morale is critical to me, and I watch it very closely,” he says. “Projects suffer when a team is not working well together.”

Phil spends his free time hiking and skiing with his wife, Andrea, their young adult son, and his dog, cat and two horses. As a lover of the outdoors, he’s concerned about the environment and wants to be a good steward of our planet. One of his favorite places to visit is Vermejo Park Ranch, a 600,000-acre wildlife preserve in New Mexico, owned by Ted Turner Expeditions.

Notable Projects