Tracie Frazier

Vice President / Marketing & Communications

  • 28 years of experience
  • 28 years at KDC

For over 27 years, Tracie Frazier has been the driving force behind KDC’s marketing and communications strategy. In her role as Vice President of Marketing and Communications, she has undertaken key responsibilities that have significantly contributed to the organization’s success. Tracie is instrumental in strategic planning and executing KDC’s annual marketing plan, ensuring alignment with organizational goals. She adeptly manages public relations, coordinating activities to enhance the organization’s visibility and reputation.

Collaborating closely with the New Business Team and land venture partners, Tracie plays a pivotal role in developing project marketing plans and budgets for development sites. Her expertise extends to facilitating the implementation of these plans, ensuring seamless execution and impactful results. In addition, Tracie oversees and implements corporate communications strategies, maintaining a consistent and compelling brand message.

Client relations are a priority for Tracie, as she serves as a liaison with external communications, fostering positive relationships and enhancing the organization’s image. As the Corporate Philanthropic Team Lead, she demonstrates a commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. Tracie takes charge of overseeing all KDC marketing initiatives, ensuring cohesive branding and maintain the organization’s brand identity.

Notable Tracie also oversees all KDC and project-related event planning, adding a dynamic and engaging element to the organization’s activities. With her wealth of experience and multifaceted skill set, Tracie continues to shape and elevate KDC’s presence in the market.

Notable Projects