KDC faced two challenges with the Tyler Technologies project. First, how do you blend an existing structure — in this case an old YMCA building — into a larger project for a cutting-edge software firm? And second, how do you create a building that serves the more traditional needs of a corporate headquarters with the exciting and innovative environment that younger workers are seeking? The solution was to house the software developers and some of the company’s shared functions — like dining and fitness space — in the old YMCA building. Other corporate functions would be housed in the new building KDC was constructing. As the project unfolded, the team remained open to changes and further refinement of the design and use of the space. The result was a sustainable, LEED-certified campus that pleases both the younger workers and the executives.

Project Team

Hill & Wilkinson

Key Features

  • 26 Acre Site
  • Former Plano YMCA facilities
  • Overlooks White Rock Creek and Legacy Trail
  • 3-Story Office Building (82,000 SF)
  • Complete renovation of the Plano YMCA Building (60,000 SF)
  • Fitness Center
  • Cafe
  • Park-Like Surroundings
  • Water Features
  • Walking Trail

Leed Certification

Leed Certification Logo

Project team